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Off the dock at 06:30 this year gave us some time to put in a few practice tacks & Gybes. Then we headed for the start off Cowes. With a good position crossing the line bang on our start time 07:50. The fleet made steady progress on the light ebb tide, with hot sunny blue skies. A  SW F2/3 wind meant a fairly slow tacking session down the western Solent on full Main & Jenoa to Hurst Castle, where we picked up the strongest west going tide. As progress was slow there was some concern we would not make the Needles before the tide turned against us at 12:00hrs. We eventually Rounded the Needles lighthouse at 12:30hrs on our second attempt due to the foul tide. Passing over the Varvassi wreck paid off here, as we sailed inside many boats that had taken a wider course.

Bearing away onto a fantastic broad reaching and  picking up the favorable tide to St. Catherines point. Perfect sunny sailing conditions with 15-18 knots of wind. Unfortunately about 2 miles from St. Catherines the wind died completely and we were becalmed. Just drifting with the tide, we decided that at 16:00hrs our race finish ETA would be after the race end deadline of 22:00hrs. Reluctantly the decision was made to retire and motor the remaining way around the Island and back to Hamble for a consolation beer.  

Great crew and a great days sailing. 


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